Hello World!

I am actively looking for a full-time position in Software Engineering (graduate in May 2020)

I am Hoang but you can call me Megan. I am currently a fourth-year Computer Science student at Texas Christian University, Texas. Right now, I am working on a full stack web research project called Eureka Labs, which is an educational platform for learning security.

Summer 2017, I started my first personal project, which was the first version of my personal website. I looked everywhere on the Internet to find web development courses/tutorials, and taught myself all the basic of building a static website. From simple html pages to more fancy, attractive CSS features, and then some animations and effects. I learned everything step-by-step and thoroughly. Since then, I have enjoyed building high quality responsive websites.

I am currently learning about React, React Native and make some cool projects using them.

When I am not in front of a computer screen, I am probably playing with my cat Michio, cooking some delicious Vietnamese dishes, or cleaning my apartment.