1. Undergraduate Research Assistant @ Texas Christian University

    • Designing and developing an education platform for learning security by creating eureka experiences.
    • Working with variety of different languages, frameworks and content management systems such as Python Flask, MongoDB, etc.
    • Working closely with another developer and professor to implement a full stack project.
  2. Web Development Intern @ DesignPlex Biomedical LLC

    • Redesigning and improving the content of the web pages.
    • Working with PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Assisting in marketing and promotional activities (e.g. social media, SEO)
  3. Computer Lab Assistant @ Texas Christian University

    • Provided supports for students to help solve their Java school projects.
    • Assisted in maintaining computer lab operations and activities.
    • Troubleshot malfunctions of hardware and software applications.
  4. IT Intern @ Alabama Public Television

    • Assisted in maintaining hardware and software applications in employees' computers.
    • Worked closely with other interns and IT director to set up a new computer system for Education department.
    • Assisted in troubleshooting technical issues.